Umbrella Entertainment Launch On Demand Service


Streaming services are becoming more prolific nowadays, with Netflix‘s and Stan‘s and upcoming services like OzFlix coming along and providing platforms for all kinds of films and television shows. Well, throw another one on the pile – Australian entertainment provider, Umbrella Entertainment, has stepped into the ring with Umbrella Entertainment On Demand.

If you’ve seen a film in Australian cinemas, or even bought a local DVD or Bluray, then odds are you’ve seen the familiar little yellow umbrella pop up in front of the film, or on the DVD/Bluray. Thankfully, for those who miss the films in cinemas, or are keen to move away from physical media, Umbrella Entertainment has launched a platform to help fill that void. As a main provider of Australian cinema – both new and old – Umbrella Entertainment has allowed some of the films which have either gone out of print, or possibly you’re not so sure about, to be available on the service.

One of the other main benefits is that there are no region blocks on the content. So, if you’re struggling to find a good copy of The Man From Hong Kong to watch and you’re based in the US, then you can head along and check it out on Umbrella Entertainment On Demand.

A few suggested titles to check out are: The ABC’s of Love and SexThe Back of BeyondDon’s Party, and Monkey Grip – and of course, many, many more. They’re all at affordable prices which is nice to see and all very easy to use with access via Google Play and iTunes.

Head over to the site to check out the rest of the films on offer. Make sure to use the discount offer code LAUNCH30 to get 30% off your rental during this launch period.

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