Sweet Country Director Warwick Thornton Interview – The Last New Wave

When I started out covering Australian cinema and interviewing those behind the films that I love, I had one name at the top of my list as to who I’d love to interview – Warwick Thornton. The director of the highly acclaimed Samson & Delilah, and the cinematographer behind films like Radiance and The Sapphires, Warwick Thornton is one of Australia’s most talented filmmakers. With the arrival of his latest, (and arguably one of the great Australian films around), film Sweet Country, I was able to tick off that ‘wishlist interview’ and sit down with the man himself for a chat about what goes into his craft.

Please make sure to check out Sweet Country while it’s in cinemas – check the Transmission Films website for a heads up as to what cinemas it’s showing on. As for international listeners, make sure to keep an eye on your local cinema pages, or just follow Sweet Country on Twitter here.

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