Aaron Petersen’s Zach’s Ceremony Hits Cinemas in March

Director Aaron Petersen makes his film debut with his documentary Zach’s Ceremony. Captured over ten years, this documentary follows Zach Doomadgee, a young Sydney-sider growing up and transitioning into manhood, doing so within the traditions of his heritage.

Being released by Umbrella Entertainment, Zach’s Ceremony will receive regional screenings throughout March. Head over to the website here for more details and to buy tickets.

Playing at the following participating cinemas:

VIC: Cinema Nova

NSW: Starcourt Lismore (1st of April)

NSW: Belgrave Armidale (3rd April Q&A with filmmaker)

NSW: Tamworth Forum 6 (4th of April Q&A with filmmaker)

NSW: Orange Odeon (5th of April)

NSW: Griffith Cinemas (TBC)

NSW: Yamba Community (Fan Force 30th March)

NSW: Majestic Sawtell (Fan Force 16th March)

NSW: Maitland Reading Cinema (Fan Force 18th March)

WA: Sun Pictures Outdoor Broome

WA: Orana Albany, Busselton, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie (19th April)

QLD: New Farm Cinema

QLD: Gladstone Cinema (Fan Force 4th April)

QLD: BCC Ipswich (Fan Force 27th March)

QLD: BCC Toowoomba Strand (Fan Force 29th of March)

TAS: State Cinema

SA: Mercury (4th of July)

SA: Odeon Star Cinema Sephamore (Fan Force 4th of April)

NT: Alice Springs

NT: Events Darwin (TBC)



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