83 – The Beguiled, Baby Driver, A Quiet Passion, Lady Macbeth, Personal Shopper

It’s a pretty stacked week this week as we discuss some high quality entertainment. Ranging from Sofia Coppola’s Civil War era drama, The Beguiled, to Edgar Wright’s action/musical/extravangza Baby Driver, there’s a little bit of something for everyone here. We also look at Terence Davies Emily Dickinson biopic, A Quiet Passion, and remain in the 19th century with Lady Macbeth. Finally, we move to the modern era with a spoiler filled discussion on Olivier Assayas’ Criterion Collection film Personal Shopper. Lots of swears, lots of heated discussions and lots of fun.

0:00 – Intro Music
0:28 – Intro
3:26 – The Beguiled
19:31 – Baby Driver – with minor spoilers
40:14 – A Quiet Passion
54:30 – Lady Macbeth
1:05:41 – Personal Shopper – with full spoilers
1:18:55 – Wrap Up

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Andrew has been a film lover all of his life. For a while now he's been talking about how great films are and usually that's been directly to his wife, Bernadette. Now with AB Film Review everyone else in the world can listen to what Andrew has to say to his wife. Bernadette grew up renting videos from a Plains Video. She mostly hired out Cry Baby and wore the tape thin learning the lines to the John Waters classic. After a series of arguments in the car ride home with her husband, Andrew, the two decided to record their arguments and launch them into the world for everyone to listen to.