The Sentimental Bloke – 1919 – Raymond Longford – The Last New Wave

We’ve stuck around in modern times too long on The Last New Wave, so with the help of David Blakeslee, we jump back to 1919 with Raymond Longford’s The Sentimental Bloke. It’s not often that you can use the term ‘genuine classic’ for films, but if there were ever a time, it would be now. The Sentimental Bloke adapts CJ Denis’ poems into a beautiful story of a man finding his way in life.

On this episode, I’m helped by David Blakeslee of Criterion Reflections fame to help discuss the film. Make sure to check out his blog, while also listening to his work that can be found on Criterion Cast and Eclipse Viewer. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Given the fact that The Sentimental Bloke is a silent film, I also enlisted the help of Leanne Drew to read out some of CJ Denis’ beautiful poems. The backing music is that of Jen Anderson who provided the score for the 2004 restoration of the film.

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