Spy Review

By Andrew & Bernadette on June 10, 2015


Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy reteam to bring audiences an action comedy with a hint of bond spoof. As in previous outings, Feig makes good use of a strong female supporting cast (most notably Miranda Hart and Rose Byrne). The film works best when McCarthy takes full flight in the field proving to be as adept at kicking ass as she is at the physical comedy and foul mouthed humour she is known for. Solid laughs are also derived from Law and Stratham sending up their own debonair/macho action star personas. Like many of the comedies of the last decade, Spy could have soared to greater comedic heights had a more ruthless editing approach been taken to the two hour running time, however fans of McCarthy and Feig will still have a lot to enjoy.


Expectations were high following comedy triumphs Bridesmaids and to a lesser yet still noteworthy effect, The Heat. Unfortunately due to the demand of a two hour running time, reliance on mean spirited humour, a gratingly miscast Rose Byrne, and Feig’s action direction, Spy fails to do anything particularly well.

Andrew Rating - 2
Bernadette Rating - 3

Below Average

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