The Last New Wave Launches

The Last New Wave

It was inevitable. AB Film Review couldn’t contain us, so we’ve spawned a new podcast – The Last New Wave. This one is dedicated solely to Australian films and their history. On the first of each month, a new episode will drop where Bernadette and I discuss the history of an Australian film, then we bring on an international guest to review the film and look at it from a domestic and international perspective.

The first episodes are up right now – an introductory episode, as well as an episode on one of the modern great Australian films, Lantana, featuring Dwight Hurst from The Broken Brain and Amygdala Magazine podcasts.

Take the time to head on over and subscribe to the RSS feed. It’s in the process of getting verified on iTunes, but when it’s active I would love for everyone to head across to leave a review so more people can find the show.

To help celebrate this new show, we’ve also launched a new Facebook group to discuss anything we’ve covered here on AB Film Review or on The Last New Wave. It can be found right here. Head over and follow The Last New Wave on Facebook and Twitter.

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For now… hit play on that player below and listen to the first episode where Bernadette and I discuss what The Last New Wave is all about.

Download the episode here

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