Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Gets A Proper Poster This Time

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Gets A Proper Poster This Time

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Poster Again

In a bid to keep our readers up to date with everything that happens on Go Rogue: The Musical, we get another poster. Surely this can’t be the last poster? Surely we aren’t done?

According to ColliderRogue Nation was recently tested in Arizona and those crazy Arizonians absolutely loved it. In fact, people said they like it even more ‘than the with those buildings from Fast & Furious 7‘ and were quite pleased with the amount of Ving Rhames in it.

All of this comes on top of the fact that apparently the studio fired an insurance company so one of the worlds biggest stars could attach himself to the side of a plane. Because, well, they wouldn’t insure him as that’s ‘fucking insane’. Excuse me if I feel a little cynical about the fact that Tom Cruise wasn’t insured for the film whilst I cue up that scene from Mission Impossible: Forget the First Three again on YouTube.

This one:

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