Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Character Posters

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Character Posters

The cinema poster is dead. Long live the cinema poster. Something like that. Heck, I just googled that and don’t really understand what it means. Kind of like what the people who created the latest promotional material for Mission Impossible 5: Something Something Protocol? did. These fancy set photo’s with the films title and GO ROGUE on them look about as exciting as John Woo’s installment in the Mission: Impossible franchise was.

Sure, it’s hard to follow a poster of Tom Cruise hanging on the side of a plane, but it’d be nice if they at least tried. For a film series which has been sold on Cruise’s ever escalating insane stunts, they’d be stupid to not use a shot from one of the bigger stunts in the film.

Mission Impossible 5

These new posters show off the fact that series favourite Ving Rhames returns as Luther here alongside some man who wears glasses and points guns, a woman who can sit on a motorbike, Alec Baldwin looking confused, Jeremy Renner reading about his fumbling remarks in a newspaper and finally Simon Pegg writing his script for Star Trek 3 (that’s multitasking right there). These join the other poster of Tom Cruise in smoke. I’m not sure if his insurance covers that.

 mission-impossible-rogue-nation-poster-ving-rhames mission-impossible-rogue-nation-poster-simon-pegg mission-impossible-rogue-nation-poster-sean-harris mission-impossible-rogue-nation-poster-alec-baldwin mission-impossible-rogue-nation-poster-jeremy-renner mission-impossible-rogue-nation-poster-rebecca-ferguson

So, make sure to check out Go Rogue when it hits cinemas on July 31 this year.

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