Macbeth – It’s A Film That’s Coming and You Need to Know That

Macbeth – It’s A Film That’s Coming and You Need to Know That

Ever since we revitalised our website here at The AB Film Review, we’ve been looking at Australian filmmakers even more than we usually do. We may not have written many articles on them, but that will hopefully change soon. We realised that we hadn’t done a post about Macbeth. It’s a film. It’s coming out soon. You should be aware of it.


Justin Kurzel for starters. He’s making strides to become the ‘next big thing’ and after the terrifying but great Snowtown, he’s made Macbeth starring Michael Fassbender and actress extraordinaire Marion Cotillard. The trailer looks sublime. The posters look wonderful. And the stills released… glorious. Whilst we dive head first into hyperbole, could this be a contender for the Best Picture Oscar next year?

Have a look for yourself:

Macbeth Poster Cotillard Macbeth Poster Fassbender

Macbeth Still 1 Macbeth Still 2

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