Jurassic World Conquers Box Office.

Jurassic World Conquers Box Office.

In news that will surprise absolutely nobody, Jurassic World has managed to conquer the international box office. Turns out people really like dinosaurs. Or Chris Pratt. Or maybe the world is full of closet Irrfan Khan fans who all came out for the opening weekend like good Irrfan Khan fans should.

Jurassic World made an estimated $511.8 million world wide since its release only five days ago. This makes it the first film to make over $500 million internationally on its opening weekend. It also slots just behind The Avengers (seriously, just behind with a domestic US opening of $204.6 million where The Avengers had a $207.4 million opening) as the second biggest domestic US opening of all time.

Of course, this is no surprise given The Lost World: Jurassic Park opened in 1997 with record numbers of people in the US calling in sick to attend it, making it then the highest grossing opening weekend ever. A feat which was held for four and a half years.

This is pretty great news for Universal after Fast & Furious 7 became their highest grossing opening weekend film earlier this year. However, this Jurassic World joy might be shortly lived with a new Star Wars film hitting in December.

For a film that had a budget anywhere between $150 – $180 million and has a almost three fold return on investment is just alright I guess. I mean, you don’t see some countries in the world doing this? Logically, all they’d need to do is pour all of their money into producing films with dinosaurs and Irrfan Khan and their debt could be wiped away. Do you hear that Tony Abbott? You want to get Australia back in the black, then just pour all your money into making an Australian Jurassic Park film. We may not be able to afford Irrfan Khan after this stellar weekend opening, but maybe you might have Kamahl’s number?

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