June Australian Revelations Screening – Two Hands

Another month, another great Australian film is announced for the Revelation Film Festival monthly Australian Revelations screenings. This time it’s Gregor Jordan’s essential 1999 crime classic, Two Hands. Starring the great Heath Ledger and Rose Byrne in career launching roles, as well as the masterful Bryan Brown; Two Hands is an exercise in hilarity, tension, and pure crime cinema joy.

Here’s all the details you need to know. Just like last months screening (the essential Death in Brunswick) this screening will definitely sell out, so get your tickets early.


After yet another sold out show with Death in Brunswick, we present this classic Australian number.

This crime thriller starring Heath Ledger is as tight as an alligator’s proverbial and for audiences, it delivers in just about every cinematic way. Comedy, action, crime, romance…it’s all here and wrapped in a nice little package of high production value and great performance.

Ledger – in what we have to say is one of our personal favourites of all of his films  – plays Jimmy a likeable wannabe criminal who finds himself a bagman for a much bigger fish in the seedy underworld of Australia’s sleazy crime capital, Kings Cross. Charged with the responsibility of delivering a cool $10g’s, our hapless small fish decides to go for a dip while dropping off the dosh. What could possibly go wrong?

Date: Monday June 26th
Place: Backlot Studios, 22 Simpson St, West Perth
Time: 6.30pm
Cost: $20 (includes drinks and nibbles)
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