63 – Embrace, Goldstone, Swiss Army Man, Nuts!, Janis: Little Girl Blue


Explicit Content

We do our best to avoid Suicide Squad this week by supporting independant cinema in the best way possible. We look at Taryn Brumfitt’s documentary about body image – Embrace. Sticking in Australia, we look at Ivan Sen’s latest Detective Jay Swan story Goldstone. Swerving back into Revelation Film Festival territory, we look at ‘that farting corpse’ film – Swiss Army Man. Sticking with the scatalogical, we look at the documentary Nuts! – a film about a man who implants goat testicles into people. Wrapping up we take a look at the latest Amy Berg film Janis: Little Girl Blue – the documentary on singer/musician Janis Joplin. The rain joins us at the end to say, hurry up, wrap it up now people.

0:44 – Intro
4:22 – Embrace
27:58 – Goldstone
53:33 – Swiss Army Man
1:05:53 – Nuts!
1:13:11 – Janis: Little Girl Blue
1:27:30 – Wind Up/Closing Music – Abbe May – A Blackout in Your Town

Read more about the Body Image Movement here.

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