Embrace – Documentary in Cinemas August 4

Body image activist Taryn Brumfitt’s documentary Embrace has had a bit of a rough start – bizarrely for its content, rather than the message the film contains. In a media soaked world where the slimmest of body figures is promoted over what real women look like, it’s sad then to see that a film with a positive message has had its trailer pulled from screens, it get slapped with an MA15+ rating, and then have pictures of its poster removed from Facebook.

Due to this, it’s hard for publicity for the film to get out. Taryn Brumfitt has been going around Australia doing Q&A sessions with the film ahead of its release on August 4th in Australia.

Check out the website for further details of the Australian release as well as the American release here.

Embrace Poster

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  • Davey

    Why did the trailer get pulled from cinemas? I can sorta understand the Facebook thing as, if memory serves, they have a no nudity policy right? But that trailer didn’t seem to contain anything that should have earnt it a ban

    • Not really a ‘ban’ in cinemas as such – but the Hoyts and Event Cinemas wouldn’t show it.

      • Davey

        Wonder why. Maybe they thought it wouldn’t be a big seller for them. That said they are doing good things like the Indie Film Festival so…

        • By the way… this is on Netflix now if you’re interested in watching it.