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Manolo: the boy who made shoes for lizards

Squeeeee! Okay, disclaimer: I do love a good shoe. Some might even (rightly!) say I’m a shoe-aholic, so I was always going to be very interested in this film – and its subject matter. The shoes – and the man behind the shoes – the King of Shoes, Manolo Blahnik. You know you’ve made it when people refer to you by your first name, and turn it into a (hardly) common noun to describe your products, ie...[Read More]

Revelation Film Festival Line-Up – 1997 – 2008

The Revelation Film Festival has been going for 20 years, but due to the age of the internet the festival lineup since the beginning has been lost to time. Thanks to Archive.org I’ve managed to scrape up enough of the lineup from 1997-2008 to fill those gaps. So, here’s the list of films that were shown during those years. Usually the festival program has feature films, documentaries a...[Read More]