The Autopsy of Jane Doe Fanforce Screenings



The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a unique horror film that focuses on father and son coroners – played by the always great Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch – who proceed to perform an autopsy on a strange homicide victim. Fresh off the highly successful Monster Fest screenings, The Autopsy of Jane Doe is making its way to Fanforce to bring the film to the rest of Australia. In fact, it was so successful at Monster Fest it won the Best International Feature award!

Screenings will be held all around Australia at the end of December – but! they’ll only be successful if you secure your tickets in your town now. Once they hit a tipping point, the screening is a go! So, if you lament the lack of great, innovative horror on Australian cinema screens, now is your chance to get behind a great horror film and show your love.

Head over to the Fanforce page to secure your seat.

Screenings are held in the following locations:

Village Cinemas – Hobart, Tasmania – Wednesday 21st December 7:00pm

Palace Nova – Adelaide, South Australia – Wednesday 21st December 6:30pm

Dendy Cinemas – Canberra, ACT – Wednesday 21st December 6:30pm

The Backlot Cinema – Perth, Western Australia – Thursday 22nd December 6:30pm

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