Australian Revelations Screening – Gallipoli

Revelation Film Festival continues the screenings of great Australian cinema in April with their screening of Peter Weir’s brilliant Gallipoli. A film that’s made even better by being seen on the big screen. Read more details below:


In association with Cinema Australia Rev is proud to present our April Australian Revelations screening – Peter Weir’s Australian classic Gallipoli.

One of the great Australian films, Peter Weir’s Gallipoli is a sprawling story of mate-ship, loyalty and national identity. It also marks a very special time in Australian cinema where scale, scope and ambition were the order of the day.

Everyone and everything about this film works and its considerable strength makes Gallipoli profound and moving viewing still today. Even better of course is the ability to see the film on the big screen – something that takes place all too rarely with this wonderfully composed work.

It’s the kind of film you need to see several times just to re-affirm that it is actually as good as you remember it to be.

After the screening, Mark Lee (Archy Hamilton) will join us for a Q+A via skype. An unmissable opportunity to speak to the actor behind an iconic character.

We suggest getting tickets early for this screening as our Australian Revelations screenings always sell out. All screenings include a complimentary wine, beer and finger food.

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Date: Monday April 24th

Place: Backlot Studios, 22 Simpson St, West Perth

Time: 6.30pm

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